My senior year high school yearbook contains the following (paraphrased) inscription from a friend with a fairly wacky sense of humor:

“I can see you years from now standing on the edge of a stage before an audience and you yell ‘I am Rori, hear me roar!’ to uproarious applause.”

Welcome to my stage. Applause is optional, but hold the rotten tomatoes 🙂


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Christina Gonzalez (SMITH) says:

    Its been 13 years since I last heard you speak. Now I hear you through these words and you are still the same Rori I remember. I am often afraid about reconnecting with old friends-maybe so much time has passed that we are so different and in such different places we are like strangers. I was very close to you when I knew you then. Both as a friend and in location (down the railroad track). We are now far apart but in similar places…perhaps we are still tied together somehow and I just need to find that track to take me back to where you are. P.S. I am not that sentimental, but curious about how life is.

  2. Caroline says:


    That is a fantastic “About” page…

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