ASDP – Day 3!

With day 3 came yet another commuting choice… driving to Riverside Station in Newton, which is the end of the D branch of the Green Line and has a lovely big parking lot where you can leave your car for $6 a day. Mileage-wise it’s about the same distance from home as work, the traffic along the route is a teensy bit better, and the parking is about $25 cheaper, so that’s pretty awesome. From there the T ride to work is maybe 20-25 minutes? Not bad at all… T-ed back to Riverside after work and drove maybe 10 minutes from there to BBS-Newton. Finally, I’ve found a happy commuting option! Woohoo! This will be good to have in mind if I ever want to have my car more easily available when I’m at work, too… you know, like if I want to take a class at BBS-Newton after ASDP is over!

So, after a normal night’s sleep and a happy commute and jitters finally wearing off you’d think that day 3 would be most excellent. And… it wasn’t bad. But I didn’t feel quite as good in the studio as I did the two days prior. Curious.

For enrichment class we were back to Pilates. Most of the exercises were similar to what we had done Monday and I understood better what we were supposed to be doing in most of the exercises. Some things I was able to accomplish a bit better… others still need work. But my core was definitely feeling it!

After that we were back to the grand studio for technique. We had our third teacher in three days, Kristin Beckwith. I found her combinations to be very dance-y: she gave us exercises that incorporated angling ourselves croisé or effacé to the barre, using lots of beautiful port de bras, and the steps were very flowy. Really enjoyed the barre. Then we moved into center and I’m not sure what happened here. My turning fairy apparently snuck out to the wrong kind of bar and came back soused, because I couldn’t seem to even execute a single pirouette cleanly. Which led me to that downward spiral freak-out that I can’t turn and even when we got to piqué turns across the floor which I usually LOVE I was totally disoriented, poorly placed, and sloppy. Grrrrr. Okay, center wasn’t ALL bad. We did a lovely adagio. And there was a fun allegro section that I didn’t get completely right, but I think she said we’ll do it again next week, which I’m looking forward to as it was pretty fun. And then… for the first time in ASDP we finally made it to grand allegro! It was fairly simple, sautés and chassés and a tour jété. Took a lot of energy, but felt good and was very proud of myself for landing all of my tour jétés on one foot with minimal bobbling!

I’ve found it interesting that they’re giving us such a variety of teachers. I wasn’t familiar with any of them prior to coming in. Both Christophers seem to have a more technical approach which, admittedly, I tend to respond best to. Their exercises were fairly simple, but with their corrections really helped me to focus on being cleaner and stronger. Kristen’s class was more like what I’m familiar with at my home studio. She didn’t spend as much time talking through the technical elements, but she kept the class flowing and her combinations allowed for more expression which I enjoy, too… at least when I’m able to get the steps mostly right! Not my best technique class, but I’ll get another go at her class next week. It can be challenging to go from teacher to teacher when each has a slightly different approach, but it’s nice to have a variety of perspectives, too!

After technique class, the advanced class came to join us in the grand studio once again and Christopher Anderson was back to teach us some more of the Swan Lake dance we started on Tuesday. My section’s piece wasn’t terribly challenging, but the other group’s certainly was. I could tell that this is the sort of dance that, from the audience looks like it must be super-fun to dance, but watching everyone learning the steps it’s clear that it is maddeningly difficult to execute. With all of the people in the room it takes a while to get through the choreography, but… CA told us he taught the same piece to some regular SDPers (you know, the hand-chosen kids) and said it was like teaching a bunch of bricks; we caught on much faster. I suppose there’s something to be said for age or experience or whatever it is we have!

Hard to believe the first week is more than half done! Nice to feel like it’s starting to be a bit more routine. Oh, and the exciting, non-dancing thing that happened was that… I spoke. Not that I was entirely mute the two days prior. But I don’t think I said anything beyond what was absolutely necessary. Yesterday a fellow dancer from my level said something in passing and I struck up a bit of a conversation with her. And then in rep a few of us chit-chatted… about the dance, mostly. But it was nice to start to feel like these people are shifting from a mob of strangers to… a mob of not-quite-strangers!

Two more evenings to go this week!


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