Nut 2013 – The chaos begins

Apparently my friends and I have developed a knack for choosing reunion weekends that happen to coincide with Nutcracker auditions.

This was the second year in a row that I missed them because I was gallivanting out of state with the same group of people. While I was swilling sangria and consuming tapas in Michigan, my dance friends were sweating it out in a curtained-off studio with numbers pinned to their leotards. Sorry, guys!

My dancer radar was up while I was traveling, though!

As we were leaving the tapas bar, I spied a brochure for the Grand Rapids Ballet. Might have to check them out next time I’m in town!

From dinner we proceeded to wander around checking out some of the ArtPrize displays around the city. Where I spied this:

Blind Grace, Dean Kugler

Blind Grace, Dean Kugler

This was just one of the works entered into ArtPrize that had a dance element, but we had limited time, it was dark, and there were a ton of people walking around the city checking out the art, so I didn’t get to search out any of the others. I quite enjoyed this piece, though. Details can be found here (and from there you can link to more info about ArtPrize).

It wasn’t my last chance to see dance-themed art during the weekend, though… because the following day we went to Meijer Gardens (should you ever find yourself in Grand Rapids, MI you must go there!) and I spied this Degas sculpture!

Edgar Degas, "Dancer Looking at Her Right Foot," c. 1895-1911, Bronze

Edgar Degas, “Dancer Looking at Her Right Foot,” c. 1895-1911, Bronze


In spite of missing auditions, I will still be in the show, though!

And I know you’re waiting anxiously to hear what my parts will be.

Repeats? New dances? Hm???

Well, in a way… both. I’ve been in all dances before. One of them will feature me in a new role, however.

First up is Snow… as a flake. Third year running. First year this piece nearly scared the tutu off me, but last year I quite enjoyed it, so I’m looking forward to it. We’ve got a lot of young blood in the dance this year, so will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

Next up is Hot Chocolate/Spanish corps. Another repeat – second year in a row. Last year I felt kind of meh about it. It had potential to be fun, but I was stressed and not totally pleased with my performance. Happy to get another run at it. The corps, with the exception of one guy, are all the same from last year. My partner from last year is the missing guy. Assuming the other ladies keep their partners from last year, I’ll get partnered with the new guy, but… new guy was actually the knight to my Lady in Waiting from Wild Swans, so he’s not totally new and he was a good partner, so I’ve got high hopes for this one this year.

Then the new/old dance. I’ll be back in the Waltz of the Flowers, which I was in my first year. But instead of being in the corps I’ll be a Rosebud. This is a role I’d had in the back of my mind, so I’m happy about that. My only disappointment is that I was hoping it could be en pointe, but the other rosebud doesn’t do pointe yet, so it’ll be slippers for us. Though, really… that piece is at the end of the show and by that time I can’t imagine I’ll be complaining when I get to take off my pointe shoes and put soft slippers on!

So, there’s the verdict. I think it will actually be a fairly fun, low-stress show for me this year, which I am looking forward to! Stay tuned for rehearsal updates and, of course, show recaps!

Best of luck to anyone else out there preparing for Nutcracker or other holiday shows!


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