Gettin’ my swan on…

I realized I did not inform my loyal readers of the audition results!

Heavens to Betsy!


*Drum roll please*

I shall be… A SWAN! And a lady in waiting.

Terribly exciting… I think.

We had our first swan rehearsal this week.

Didn’t get to see what the costumes will look like, but we did start with bodice fittings. Had to laugh at the director while she was putting bodices on people… “If I’m not struggling to hook you in, it’s too big!” Haha. So I do know that those are white with a few jewels in the center. Curious to find out what the tutu situation will be. And also hoping for one of those feathered swan headpieces. Hm.

And then, the dancing… Aside from the fact that my bruised, big toenail is hanging on by the tiniest little piece of skin (I’m waiting for it to fall off on its own… blech)– making pointe work a bit hairy at the moment — I think I’m going to really enjoy the dance. It’s rather aerobic, but quite fun. I mean, not fun, like “Woohoo, I a swan, wheeeee!!!” but fun, like, “Augh, the angst of being a human trapped in a swan body, alas!!!” That is Rori’s definition of fun. (It really is quite shocking that I didn’t spend my teen years dressed in black.)

We covered quite a bit in our first rehearsal. Good thing seeing as we really only have a few weeks before the show. I’m guessing there will be more than one dance for the swans, so not sure how much more we have to cover, but so far, so good!

Not sure when the ladies in waiting start rehearsing… soon, I’m sure.

Much as I’ve been enjoying my dance break, it was good to be back in the studio working on a new show. Summer classes and full rehearsal mania start next week. As well as an exciting field trip I look forward to telling you all about!

Hope everyone’s summer is off to a glorious start!

Stay cool and swan on!


One thought on “Gettin’ my swan on…

  1. Reece says:

    “If I’m not struggling to hook you in, it’s too big!”

    Because breathing is optional when dancing ballet?

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