Not quite Swan Lake, but…

Wild Swans!


Last night my e-mail was bombarded with messages from the studio… some relevant to my life, some not:

* Rehearsal schedule for the week (relevant)

* Reminder to book photo time for those wanting formal recital pics (not)

* Reminder about importance of participating in summer classes/camps/etc. (somewhat relevant)

* Parent observation week (not)

And finally a big huge relevant and a big huge happy surprise…

* The ballet company is planning a summer ballet! Woot!!!

They had done A Midsummer Night’s Dream a couple summers in a row (I was there for the second), but last year the director had a newborn, so putting on a ballet was a bit out of the question.

I hadn’t heard anything more about resuming the tradition and I know a bunch of kids are headed off to intensives and such at various points, so I figured the summer ballet concept was deader than a doornail. But… no!

And even better is that we will NOT be reprising MND. It was a fun ballet, but I think if we did it one more year in a row it would take on a very tired, Nutcracker-ish feel. I’m all for keeping things fresh.

Instead we’ll be performing The Wild Swans which is going to be a take on the Hans Christian Andersen story (I had to Google the original story… in Andersen’s there was a man with eleven sons and one daughter… seeing as we have a dearth of guys and a plethora of girls, ours shall have all daughters).

Auditions will be held less than a week after our annual recital production as we’re going to have less than two months to put the show together. Eek!

Very exciting!


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