It gives you wiiiings!!!

Did I mention that my studio is doing Cinderella for our annual recital?

We are.

And our all-adult ballet class is playing the role of Winter Fairies. In case you don’t get the drift, the Spring Fairies are little kids (6-7 year old range), the Summer Fairies are slightly older kids (10-11 or so), the Autumn Fairies are the teens en pointe, and then there’s us… the Winter Fairies, AKA the one-foot-in-the-grave fairies. Hahaha…

Of course fairies need wings.

This week we got to practice our dance wearing the wings.

Keep in mind that we have not yet received our costumes, so it was us in our normal dance attire with wings on top.

Did I also mention that this studio has a LOT of windows that face into the rest of the school?

So here we are, a bunch of “mature” ladies, rehearsing away in T-shirts, leotards, and… wings. While the other students and their parents come and go, looking in the windows as they pass, and GIGGLING!

Giggling, dear reader!!!

Now who would laugh at old ladies in wings, who?! I ask you.

Okay, it was a pretty comical sight.

One of my dance friends got too close to the mirror and got the edge of her wing stuck in the crack in the mirror mid-dance. A few of us got bopped in the heads with our flapping wings. Flying takes practice, it seems.

They do have a nice added benefit of ensuring lovely posture, however. You can’t help but keep your shoulders back when the alternative means being smacked in the face with a glittery wing.

I can’t wait to see what dancing in a shield with a hood will be like for my hip-hop Guard dance. Or dancing in an apron and mob cap with a basket in hand for our lyrical Baker dance. Thankfully our mixed teen/adult ballet Townspeople dance seems to be straightforward with no props or funky costume elements whatsoever!


4 thoughts on “It gives you wiiiings!!!

  1. Reece says:

    Seeing you all learning to dance with wings would have been fun, but getting wings stuck in the mirror? Hysterical!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • roriroars says:

      It was hysterical. The rest of us turned around wondering why the last two dancers weren’t in place. One had the stuck wing and the other was going to try to help her only… it’s hard to help when you’re doubled over laughing! Thankfully there are no mirrors on stage!

  2. Ha! Kinda wish you really were performing in class clothing with the wings. Maybe save that for the urban updated version of Cinderella.

    • roriroars says:

      That really is a fabulous idea. I have this dream of one day getting the choreography in my head on a stage somewhere. And if I do I am so TOTALLY going to choreograph something that will include that as its costume!

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