The Alignment Chronicles

I’d posted about my desire to get into alignment a few weeks ago.

I’ve decided to do something about it… and for some unknown reason feel the need to blog about the experience.

Because I’m a weirdo.

But I don’t want to clog up this site which is, at this point, a dance blog. I’m guessing that most of my visitors are not exactly clamoring for posts about orthodontia, but for the bizarre few…

You can head over to The Alignment Chronicles to read about that.

So… yeah.

There was a funny dance-related experience during my inital consult visit with the orthodontist, though. The coordinator was setting up my future appointments and was trying to fit everything around my work schedule. She asked if I had availability on Saturdays, to which I replied, “Well, I have ballet class, but I can come in afterwards.”

“Ballet?! Really!? Wow, that is SO CUTE!!!” she said. And then peppered me with questions about where I dance and how long I’ve been doing it and what styles I take and whether I get to perform. She danced locally as a kid and is looking to find a studio for her young daughter to start at next fall, so I was giving her the details on my studio. She was SO excited. And then was all apologetic for getting off-topic.

Heck, I don’t care. I love talking about dance, especially if I think I might be able to get an adult back in the studio!


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