Twofer Tuesday!

Okay, so I just have to share my joy here…

The past few Tuesday technique classes I’ve switched out the soft slippers for pointe shoes. In part to make up for missed pointe classes. In part because I feel like I need to remember how to dance in pointe shoes and outside official pointe class. If that makes any sense to you. I just mean, the stuff we do in pointe class is all about being en pointe, which is important. But when you perform en pointe you have to do all the regular stuff, too, while wearing pointe shoes. So it’s good to practice all that regular stuff. Because adagio en pointe… wobble city!

I digress.

So, Tuesdays, technique, en pointe.

We were doing an across-the-floor combination last week that had pirouettes. One of my classmates was watching me and said, “You could have easily gotten a double if you just spotted.”

Hm… a double, huh? I haven’t attempted a double pirouette en pointe in… a dog’s age. I mean decade plus.

So today we’re doing an across the floor featuring pirouettes. No one was really paying attention to me which gave me the confidence to say, hm, let’s see if I can double this one.


I DID!!!

I got a double en pointe!

It was fun! I don’t know if it was beautiful, but it felt great.

I tried going for a double piqué turn later in class that flopped out after 1.5 rotations, but whatever. I’m elated over that one double. Oh, glory be. I feel like I’m finally making progress on this pointe thing. Hurray!!!


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