I am a Subscriber!

With a capital S!

Man, I feel so important saying that.

No, but seriously, ballet deals are awesome!

Big Ballet Company (okay, anyone astute enough to note the shows I’ve written about can deduce that I live in the greater Boston area, so let’s drop the nonsense and admit that I’m a New Englander and am thus referring to Boston Ballet) got me on their mailing list last fall when I snapped up a one-day only Halloween deal to see their fall program.

You know what that means… once they’ve got your contact info it’s e-mails, postcards, and the like up the wazoo.

I’d be annoyed except, you know, how can I get mad about the ballet wanting me to come watch them?

Especially when you get in on all these secret deals.

Like the promo codes for Nut (which, word to the wise, don’t do what I did and wait thinking that the deals will get better… they will still have deals but they get precipitously less appealing, i.e. 30% off to 20% off to 10% off to Full-Price-You-Slacker which is what I ended up paying… poop).

And the postcard I received last month offering a subscription to the rest of the season for $100. That’s $100 for four ballets! And the seats don’t even suck! They’re in the B section… I’ve always been marooned in the C or D section, so this is movin’ on up for me, bebeh!

The window of opportunity damned near slammed in my face, but I finally called yesterday, two hours before the deal ended, after some ridiculously protracted chats with myself regarding whether I really needed to see ALL of the ballets and blah blah. Which is silly, of course. It’s a fantastic offer and should I not want the tickets for a particular show I’m sure I won’t have any trouble offloading them at that bargain price.

Which, btw, was not mentioned ANYWHERE on their website. Even the box office, when I called to place the order, had in their recording that you could order a spring season subscription (say that five times fast!) for “as little as $168.” Bwahaha. Apparently I am In the Know!!! I gots a super-secret deal. Yeah, buddy.

Sorry, I get a little giddy about bargains. New Englanders are known for being thrifty, what can I say?

So again, I’ve got to plug that if you’re anywhere near a ballet company, get on their mailing list. Heck, even if you don’t have a ballet company near you, look up local colleges and theatres and get on their mailing lists! I can usually count on the universities and local arts venues to bring at least one dance performance a year to their stages which adds up to some great, diverse, dance-watching experience, and the college shows especially usually have pretty good prices and intimate settings so you can actually see the show without needing opera glasses.

And I fully contend that watching dance (in its various forms) is incredibly important to the education of a dancer, no matter what age. So get out there and support your arts and you might find some great deals in the process!


2 thoughts on “I am a Subscriber!

  1. BeautyGraceStrength says:

    Yay! So excited for you!

  2. Jeff Tabaco says:

    Nice! Seriously, deals are everywhere. I’ve had a partial subscription to San Francisco Ballet for the last few years, and it’s a nice feeling. There are the benefits of price and flexibility, and over the years I’ve seen ballets that I probably wouldn’t be that motivated to see if I were buying everything a la carte.

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