Exciting News from the Sick Bed


While the Nutcracker crud stayed mild enough for me to get through our final show, it did not hold back its wrath afterwards.

I’m now three days into an unintended sick leave from work. Monday the relentless runny nose kicked in along with the violent sneezing. I would take long naps and feel okay, but as soon as I got up it’s as if someone turned on a faucet in my head.

To add insult to injury, I made myself a nice hot bowl of oatmeal Monday morning only to find out that my milk had gone chunky (which I discovered only after dousing my oatmeal in it). If I wasn’t feeling great beforehand, that certainly didn’t help! Gag. And… no oatmeal. Or milk for my tea. Whine, cry.

Tuesday morning I awoke convinced that, while I was sleeping, a small army of elves entered my room and bashed my face with a bunch of tiny sledgehammers. My teeth hurt. My forehead hurt. My ears hurt.

I briefly considered throwing a tantrum, but when your only audience is a couple of unsympathetic cats, there’s really no benefit.

So instead I zoned out on the couch watching Sesame Street and similar programs. Eventually dragged myself to the grocery store to buy fresh milk and OJ and zinc lozenges (don’t take the zinc with the OJ, btw!) and boxed macaroni and cheese and lotiony tissues. The typical sickie shopping cart contents.

Probably a bit late in the game to try the zinc thing, but I’ll give it a go anyway.

This morning I awoke thinking, aha, the faucet has stopped, I am better! The thermometer said, “How ’bout a low-grade fever?” Screw you, stupid thermometer. At this point I’m so bored I’m actually working from home because I need something to do other than sleep.

Anyway, the subject of this post was that there was exciting news in the midst of all this germiness!

While I was bumbling around the house on Monday trying to figure out what I could eat from my Mother Hubbard’s cupboards I heard a thunk at the front door. I opened the door to find a box which, when opened, revealed this:

Custom Freeds in box

My custom Freed order! Eek!

I placed the order back in October sometime. Nothing major, mostly just stocks with the sides cut down, elastic drawstring, extra piece over the tip (hopefully will make the platform last longer?), light paste on the wings.

I wasn’t really in a mood to wear pointe shoes, but I did slip them on for a minute. I’m not sure if I like how much the sides are cut down… it’s supposed to make the foot look nicer, but I don’t think it does anything for mine. Then again, it’s hard to judge without the elastics and ribbons and without breaking the shank in, so we shall see.

But, dear reader, it is so exciting to get a pair of shoes that you know were made just for you!!! I had to take a picture of the sole… my thumb is covering my last name. My name! On my shoes!

Freed Custom - Sole

So thrilling! Can’t wait to give these shoes a try and see how they work for me! I’ll be updating for sure.

In the meantime, wishing all of my readers good health!


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