The Nutcracker Crud

Unfortunately with all the togetherness of rehearsals and such comes the sharing of the germs.

Especially with all the little kids involved.

The crud is going around.

I woke up yesterday, the day of our first two performances of the weekend, with that immediate feeling of… uh-oh.

The sneezing and runny nose is not uncommon for me in the morning, so I hoped it was just a bad case of the normal allergies. Took some allergy meds.

Then heard my GI tract making some exciting noises. Not the “feed me!” kind of exciting.

So… this is the kind of day we’re going to have.

Got to the theatre and found I was far from alone. One kid spent a good portion of her evening in the ER with respiratory symptoms. Many others were complaining of sore throats, post-nasal drip, and the like.

It’s amazing what you can will yourself to do in the moment. I was able to put aside my roiling stomach for most of the day. I managed to keep my coughing jags off-stage. And all the other dancers did, too. They might have had people holding rescue inhalers for them to grab the moment they got off stage, but they soldiered through.

Afterwards, though…

I saw Mother Ginger practically dragging a gingerbread cookie behind her after the final curtain call to the stage restroom… the cookie was ready to toss hers. After the show we apparently had two vomit incidents in both stairwells leading from the dressing area up to the main lobby.

I’m thankful that adults usually have a bit more control over their GI tracts and I was able to keep mine from causing any incidents. There were moments I worried, though.

I got home, washed off my makeup, untaped my bruised and blistered feet, and limped straight into bed.

Only to wake up today feeling… worse. Ugh. Now I feel shaky and headache-y and my throat is on fire and my GI tract is still voicing complaints. No fever, though. That’s something.

One more show to go…

I forced myself to go back to bed shortly after getting up. I had the time and figured maybe an extra hour of tossing and turning would make me feel better. It worked… sort of.

I’ve got some hot beverages over my burning throat and a steamy shower in my immediate future.

Just one more matinee performance to will myself through, then I can collapse into bed. If the fog in my brain can subside for just a few hours I’ll be happy.

Fingers crossed that we all make it through this afternoon without any major incidents.


2 thoughts on “The Nutcracker Crud

  1. Reece says:

    Sorry you’re under the weather (so to speak). I’ve been known to refer to children as “little disease vectors” because they do seem to be a prime mechanism for spreading whatever is going around.

    How did the last performances go?

    I have tickets to one of my local school’s Nut this weekend. I wonder whether they’ve managed to avoid the plague?

    • roriroars says:

      They really are little disease vectors. I’m feeling so much better now, but it was a rough couple days.

      I just posted a recap of the show! Check it out 🙂 Hope the Nutcracker you went to see was fun!

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