Wherein Rori stalks the Capitol Theatre

So… no one guessed where I was during Nut auditions.


Fine, I’ll just tell you seeing as no one was in to playing guessing games.

Here’s another view of the building I posed in front of:

Anyone recognize it now? Maybe from a certain TV show?

Maybe this will ring a bell?

Yes, I am a big dork. I begged my friend to take me to the Capitol Theatre so I could see where some of Breaking Pointe was filmed.

Alas, I didn’t see any of the cast members during my time in Salt Lake City, so standing in front of the Capitol Theatre was as close as I got. Not exactly a brush with celebrity. But still… it was cool to see some of the places from the series live and in person.


2 thoughts on “Wherein Rori stalks the Capitol Theatre

  1. That’s awesome! I really had NO clue what building you were standing with, I haven’t seen any Ballet West episodes. I’m surprised I did’nt even know they existed??!?! ( I’m determined to find them now though ) but that must have been super exciting! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • roriroars says:

      I think Breaking Pointe might have just been a US show. It aired on the CW network here. I had never heard of Ballet West before the show aired, either. I don’t have television (well, I do, but no cable so I’m really limited in what I get over the air), but I caught the episodes on Hulu. There’s not nearly enough dancing in it for me and they edited it to highlight all the drama (of course), but I was still addicted! I just saw somewhere that it was renewed for a second season… woohoo!

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