Where in the world is (was) RoriRoars?

Remember how I was kvetching about having to miss Nutcracker auditions last month?

Well, I missed it for good reason (or at least what I consider to be a good reason): a visit to the new home town of one of my besties. Another good friend of ours even put aside her fear of flying and came out from her corner of the world to meet us. There much much eating, drinking, and merriment to be had.

But I did have one ballet-related mission while I was visiting, and luckily my friend who lives there was happy to indulge my dorkish tendencies (always has been… part of the reason we became such good friends!).

So… take a look:

Ignore the weirdo arabesqueing with a flag and look at the building in the background. Anyone recognize it and know why I was so excited to get a picture in front of it? [Cue Jeopardy music] Comment if you know (and my apologies to my non-US readers since you might not get the reference) 😉

Oh, and about that flag… I realize it needs a bit of an explanation since it’s such a seemingly random addition to the picture. So, I wanted to get a picture directly in front of the building, but there happened to be a bunch of young bunheads milling around (I have a feeling they may have had their own Nut auditions or rehearsals going on!) and I did not want to embarass myself in front of them. So I decided to cross the street (which had the added advantage of being able to get the whole building in the pic). Except, see, when we went to cross the road this is what we saw:

In case you can’t read that (handwritten on a scrap of cardboard) sign, it reads, “Out of Service. Please use flags. Cross with caution.” Yes, dear reader… the intent was that you took a flag from the bucket, waved it over your head while crossing the street, and placed it in the bucket on the other side of the street. It was just… awesome. And hilarious. My one friend took her duty of getting us across the street safely very seriously and the rest of us made spectacles of ourselves while we doubled over laughing in the crosswalk.

[PS – Less than a week until I do the drawing for my giveaway… have you entered yet?]


2 thoughts on “Where in the world is (was) RoriRoars?

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  2. […] So… no one guessed where I was during Nut auditions. […]

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