Coffee, tea, or me?

Turns out that missing auditions does Absolutely Nothing when it comes to reducing cast-list-posting anxiety!

Of note, from what I heard about the auditions, I think I’m glad I wasn’t there. Sounds like it was brutal/comical.

Regardless, after nearly a week of whispered consultations between the choreographers and suppositions amongst the rest of us, the casting went out the other day. I didn’t get Clara šŸ˜‰ Shocker, I know.

So, in way of background, a quick review of last year: I had my (semi-triumphant… but, more accurately, terrifying) return to pointe performance in Snowflakes, and was also in the Waltz of the Flowers corp and the Arabian harem (both in flatties). All pieces were fun and I would have been happy to have reprised all three roles.

But it is not to be…

Except Snowflakes. I get to be a Flake again. Which is good. In my estimation it was the hardest dance of the three (partly the pointe aspect, but largely due simply to the length of the piece and the requisite stamina to appear ethereal to the bitter end); I’m glad to get another shot at this. By the third of the three performances I was finally beginning to find the joy in the dance, so my goal this year is to have fun the entire run. Plus… sparkly tiaras. ‘Nuff said.

I am also continuing the warm beverages theme, but no coffee this year. Hot chocolate and tea instead!

Hot Chocolate corps… not sure if it will be the same as last year when there were four couples in the corps. There were no guys listed on the cast list (except the one in the lead couple), but sometimes they’re not because we’re still in the process of rounding up men. We shall see. But… it was a pointe piece last year, so I expect it to be so again.

And then — the really exciting part — a soloist role in Tea! My first soloist role, guys! Well, not if you count my wicked stepmother stint in the recital. That was kind of a walk-on, lose-the-children-in-the-woods, walk-off gig, though. Nothing like this. Awesome, too, that my fellow soloist is one of my ballet besties; I’m looking forward to dancing with her. And, oh yeah, this is another pointe piece… with a pajama-like costume.

So… wow! All three pieces en pointe this year! Guess I need to order some new pointes before we get too far in, lest I end up at performance time without any of Mr Y’s magical Freeds.

I won’t admit this to anyone in public, but hereĀ in my pseudo-anonymous blog I’ll throw out a little woo-hoo, go me! now. Our director is nice, but she’s not one to make casting decisions on pure kindness. I found it helpful to remind myself of this fact last year when I was breathing into a paper bag over Snowflakes. She wouldn’t have put me in the piece if she didn’t think I could do it. Therefore, I could do it. So looking at everything this year I’d say that I wasn’t totally off-base with my assessment that I’d made some improvement and increased my self-confidence over the past year. Either that or there is a distinct dearth of dancers to choose from… nah, let’s go with my original thought, my leonine heart likes that one better.

Next week the hard workĀ begins. For now, I bask in the glory of this small victory!

One thought on “Coffee, tea, or me?

  1. Reece says:

    Stick with the original thought. Yay for you!

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