The power of dance

Stumbled across this video the other day and wanted to share with my readers… I originally found it on the Huffington Post which described Clara’s performance as “heartbreakingly beautiful.”

Somehow I take exception with that description. Heartbreaking? Why? Because she’s a ballerina who happens to have profound challenges? Whose heart is breaking? Certainly not hers!

To me this is a demonstration of pure joy; this child has discovered — as many of my fellow bloggers have — that ballet (and dance in general) is a way to connect to something within ourselves and allows us to express ourselves in ways we may not be able to do with words.

I need to think on this some more to figure out exactly why I found the article’s description of Clara entirely condescending… personally I was more impressed by a 10-year-old’s ability to so accurately capture the choreography and the fact that she has a lovely, high rélevé. It’s not “heartbreaking” or “adorable” or “touching.” It’s a reflection of her passion and hard work and those of us who dance can certainly appreciate that. Her dedication is what I find truly admirable about this young dancer.

Brava, Clara! Keep on dancing!

Take a look for yourself and let me know your thoughts.


One thought on “The power of dance

  1. That’s pretty awesome. 🙂

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