Aw, nutz!!!

Found out the date of the Nut auditions…

Upon which date I will be out of town. 😦

And not just a little “out of town.”

Two time zones away “out of town.”


Okay, not the end of the world. I mentioned it to the director today and she’ll still let me be part of it. I’m not the first person this has happened to and honestly? The auditions are probably more of a formality than anything. With the exception of the occasional person who comes in off the street to audition (and we do get a few of those) I doubt that most of the casting decisions are based solely off the audition. We’re known quantities and the people in charge I’m sure are casting us based on their knowledge of our abilities from classes and past performances.

But still… there’s something a little sad about not being part of the experience, especially since this will be the first audition being held in the new dance house. Sigh.

On the flip side… I can’t complain about avoiding the stress of the event. Despite the fact that the audition is full of knowns (fellow auditioners, judges, hell, even the parts I’m likely to get) it’s a great cause of jitters. Your peers and the judges aren’t watching you like they would be in any old class… they’re watching you to see if you’re competition (peers) or if you’re good enough (judges). Hi there, stress! And of course the stress always seems to counteract whatever dreams you had of knocking socks off everyone. Suddenly the short-term memory part of the brain implodes and the combination you are supposed to do becomes impossible to remember. Your knees and ankles turn into jelly just when you need to show how much control you have.

Crazy as this may sound, though, the stress is part of the reason I’m bummed to be missing the audition. I want to get past the jitters. This would be a year since the first time I auditioned en pointe, with the teenagers, in an audition that actually required some skill. I want to get past the foggy brain and get to a stage where I feel like I can go out there and put my best foot forward and show that I’m capable of greatness… or, at the very least, GOODness!

Oh well. Enough kvetching! On to the waiting game!

Time to take bets… same parts as last year? Or something new and different? Hm… time shall tell!


One thought on “Aw, nutz!!!

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