Ballet dreamin’

More of a nightmare, actually…

Made the mistake I always make of going back to sleep after getting up to feed the cats this morning. Why is this a mistake? Because invariably I start having really weird dreams when I go back to sleep. Today was no different.

In the dream ballet classes had started up again. Woohoo!

And I was taking class with my favorite teacher. Woohoo!

Except… class was taking place on the sidewalk on a road that went up a very steep hill (there is a fairly steep hill that I drive down to get to the studio, so maybe that’s where I came up with this part of the dream?).

So, taking class outside on a sidewalk with cars zooming by is weird enough.

But on top of that I couldn’t hold the turnout in my back leg in 4th or 5th to save my life. The teacher kept calling me out on it and I tried to explain that I couldn’t maintain turnout without fear of falling and rolling down the hill. But I tried. I kept trying to keep the back leg turned out. And then I’d look back at it and it was parallel once again.

What??? does this even mean?!!?! Bizarre.


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