Why Dance Matters

Adding my thoughts to the recent Why Dance Matters event. Here, in no particular order, are the (occasionally paradoxical) reasons I feel dance matters.

Dance is universal.
Dance is cultural expression… the dances of each part of the world describe the individual stories of those people.
And yet…
Dance highlights our similarities… common threads weave among various dance forms, even those that developed continents apart, reminding us that we are all one.
Dance transcends language barriers.
Dance provides a visual representation of music.
Sometimes dance IS music.
Dance is ancient.
Dance is always new.
For myself…
Dance is way more fun than “exercise.”
Even during my dance hiatus I couldn’t listen to music without the dancer in my head performing her heart out… I need to dance.
Dance classes are cheaper than therapy (maybe)! 😉
I’ve learned that bad days in the studio invariably lead to good ones… always something to look forward to!
Dance is comfortable.
Dance pushes me outside my comfort zone.
Dance gives me a reason to indulge in my Leonine tendencies and put myself on stage for all to see.
The studio is its own supportive, loving (and yes, sometimes endearingly dysfunctional) family.
Different dance styles allow me to express different aspects of my personality.
Dance gives me something to blog about. And gives me blogs to read!
And finally… dance matters because, well, how can it not?

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