It had to be “Y”ou

Ignoring the fact that I haven’t posted in forever and moving on to….

A milestone.

I bought the same pointe shoe twice in a row! Remarkable!

I actually liked a shoe enough to buy it again. Those Freeds I talked about a few months ago… yeah, turns out I really like them. Figures.

For one thing, they’re English shoes. And I’m English. Well, I mean, I’m American, but if you trace my ancestry back it pretty much lands squarely back on the island of Great Britain. While I might have some strange obsession with all things Russian (I blame Lois Lowry… I loved her Anastasia Krupnik stories as a kid and there was a whole thing about Anastasia’s fascination with the last tsar of Russia and the unaccounted-for daughter who shared her first name… I think that started me down the path), I, myself, am not Russian, and alas, this means my feet, too, are not Russian. Maybe that accounts for the fact that, try as I might, Russian shoes (whether Russian Pointe, Grishko, or “Russian-inspired” Blochs) just didn’t do it for me. English shoes did.

Then there’s this particular talent of mine… the talent for managing to fall in love with the most expensive version of something. Freeds aren’t the most expensive pointe shoe out there, I’m sure, but they certainly are spendier than a Sansha, Capezio, or Bloch. Then take into account that I’m buying a Freed “Classic” which is tied back to a particular maker. If you have found yourself attached to a particular maker (which I have: Y) then you can expect to pay a few extra bucks to insure you get shoes made by him and not some other bloke. Nothing against the other blokes, of course… just that if I get a shoe made by Y I know that it will be a tapered, light-weight shoe… whereas if I happened to get a pair made by “B” I’d be in a square, heavy shoe. With however many makers there are and limited stockroom space in the dance stores, they might not have your maker on the shelf at a given time and if you want your shoe they want the extra bucks to make sure they don’t end up with dust-collecting stock on the shelves. Sigh.

Regardless, I’ve found a shoe that I enjoy. The journey to finding it seemed long and convoluted at times, but all in all, I’m glad I embraced the experience. If I’d stumbled upon the Freeds first thing out of the gate I think I would have constantly wondered if there was something better out there. Plus, I would have never learned as much about pointe shoes as I did. It’s been such an eye-opening experience and has sparked a whole new interest and passion and appreciation.

Here’s hoping to a long career for “Y” and many more happy dances in his shoes!


One thought on “It had to be “Y”ou

  1. Kaija says:

    Yay! Glad you found some Cinderella pointe shoes 🙂 I’ll be interested to hear how long they last before dying and how repeatable the fit/performance is among different pairs. The pointe shoe thing is such a conundrum, but yes, fascinating in a way.

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