Ballet find!

So, I just ventured to my basement…

It’s not a place I like to hang out, so I rarely go there, and when I do I realize exactly how little of that stuff I need and how much I really need to declutter… at which point I become overwhelmed and run away!

Anyway, I was searching for a bunch of books I’d bought when I first considered becoming a labor doula (this was before I decided to become a nurse). Long story on why I was looking for those books today, but the endpoint being, I went through a couple boxes of books, none of which contained the tomes I was seeking.

Instead I found a bunch of math texts (real analysis, linear algebra, Euclidian geometry… did I think I would want to refer to these again someday?!), some music theory books, and random assorted other things. But then I stumbled across these!

AHA! I knew I owned these books!

One mystery solved… now to locate what I was actually searching for!


2 thoughts on “Ballet find!

  1. I thought I already left a comment on this post when you first wrote it, so you either deleted it (LOL) or I didn’t leave it afterall:) Raising my hand high—me, me, me. I’m a certified birth doula and love helping women and families during pregnancy and birth.

    • roriroars says:

      That’s terrific! I started my nursing career in L&D/postpartum/nursery, but I had a lot of ethical issues with the L&D aspect. I’m not sure if I’ll go for my doula certification at this point, but a friend who knows my background and philosophy has asked me to be her labor support when it comes time, so I wanted to get prepared! I wish doulas were more common in this country! Such a needed role. I salute you!

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