Cheers to new beginnings

Three things to celebrate today.

First off — and I know you have all been waiting with bated breath for this one — my toenail has finally fallen off! I promise, this paragraph will be the only gross one. But yeah, fell off just as hoped, in my sleep. The new nail underneath is pretty gnarly-looking. About halfway grown and ain’t gonna be in the running for any beauty contests any time soon, though compared to what I had been dealing with, it’s cute as a button! I’ve been taking my vitamins faithfully, so hopefully it’ll grow all the way in soon, just in time for summer pedicures!

Secondly — new studio! Finally got a chance to tour it yesterday. You’d never know it was a funeral home in its past life! Two of the studios are probably about the same size as the rooms they replace in our old home, but the ceilings are much higher making it feel bigger. But the third studio, oh WOW!!! This is where we’ll have ballet and it’s gorrrr-geoussss. HUGE! Light, bright, airy, windows, viewing area! It’s got to be at least twice the size of the old room, maybe three times. And of course the room is about two stories high at its highest point. No more girls going head-first through the ceiling tiles when practicing lifts with their partners! And no posts in the middle of rooms! This is so exciting! Can’t wait to take my first class in that room!

The rest of the space is a vast improvement, too. The office, merchandise area, dancers’ lounge are all separated and away from the traffic pattern.

Still doesn’t feel like home, though. I mean, it’s pretty, but when I think about dance I still have a hard time picturing us taking class and rehearsing there. I still picture our old cramped studio. It was stinky and claustrophobic, but it was home! I’m sure in a couple weeks that will all change though and the new space will feel like home in no time.

Third celebratory event… up until a couple weeks ago I was scheduled to go to DC today for a work conference. Went to the same conference last year and was really not looking forward to it. Not only was the conference wretched, but this year’s location in the city wasn’t even conducive to a trip to Washington School of Ballet for a class. But, you know, then I went and found me a new job. Which ends in two days… smack in the middle of the conference, so… obviously, I got out of having to go to the conference. Hurrah! Whatever shall I do with this newfound freedom on a Sunday afternoon? Why, I shall head to Big City with one of my dance buds to watch Famous Modern Dance Company perform for the first time in a decade or so!


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