Out with the old…

I’m having a bit of a moment, here, folks.

New jobs are not the only change on the horizon. This morning was my last class in the studio. *snif snif*

Now, don’t fret! I’m not quitting ballet or the studio. It’s just that we’re making like the Jeffersons and moving on up… though instead of heading for the East Side we’re bound for the north end of town. Out of the basement of a sizeable retail establishment and into a building of our very own.

No longer will we have to fight for parking during tax season with the clients of the tax preparation company. We will no longer have dog howling to accompany our dances (could never figure out if they dogs were from the vet office or the dog groomer, but man, they sounded pathetic). We won’t be taunted by the aromas emanating from the Indian and Italian restaurants (these are two separate restaurants, btw, though that would be an interesting fusion). I would bemoan the fact that we won’t get to share an entrance with the colon cleanse place anymore, but they actually left a few months ago (never seemed to be open anyway… not that I’m particularly surprised!).

I have yet to see the new place, but I hear there will be windows… sunlight and fresh air! More space, higher ceilings. No awkwardly-situated lally columns. There will be room to store costumes (which currently live in the basement of one of the dancers’ houses). Can’t wait to see it all during the open house next weekend.

Very exciting change in the works… feels like we’ve been waiting for it forever. Exciting to know it’s finally coming to fruition.

But even positive change comes with some bittersweet feelings. This morning as I walked down the stairs to the basement one last time, my nose met with the malodorous mix of sweat and musty basement stink as I opened the door, I got a bit verklempt remembering the first time I ventured down those steps, tentative about what I was walking into. I knew I missed ballet, but I didn’t know how this venture would work out. I never anticipated that within a few months I’d become such a part of the place… and that it would become such a part of me.

Of course, the people are the important factor in all of this. The studio, well, it’s just the venue, and I’m a big fan of new and improved. But this place will always play a part in the good memories that were made there.

Goodbye, stinky studio. You will be missed.

…now in with the new!


2 thoughts on “Out with the old…

  1. Enjoy the new studio! I know what you mean…even when you are glad to bid an old space goodbye because you know the new space is more functional, there are memories to be reminisced upon. I even felt this way about my first hole-in-the-wall apartment when I moved out of it.

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