And now… we do the dance of joy!

Well, folks, once again my intention-setting came through for me. After what seemed an interminable wait I have scored me a brand-new shiny job.

And there was much rejoicing! [Yayyyyy]

There is a perk to this job that will not be found in the benefits flyer, though. Perhaps because it’s only a perk to ballet-crazed persons such as myself.

You see, this job is in Big City. Big City is a bit of a hike, but conveniently there’s a bus just near my house that goes to Big City and I can take the subway to work from there.

So why is a long convoluted commute a perk? Well, aside from the fact that the bus has WiFi and I think Rori deserves to buy herself a Kindle Fire for landing a new job (I know the cool kids use iPads, but Apple products and I don’t have a habit of getting along well)… the subway line conveniently goes right past Big City Ballet School. Which happens to have a plethora of adult dance classes offered throughout the week. So, the nights I don’t have class at Little City studio I can go to Big City Ballet. I have always wanted to take classes there, but it was never really something I could justify seeing as it was totally out of my way. Now… it’ll totally be ON my way!!!

And now, we are so happy… we do the dance of joy!


6 thoughts on “And now… we do the dance of joy!

  1. Nellie says:

    *rejoices for the new job-ness*

    *seethes with envy over wifi on bus*

  2. kaija24 says:

    Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful opportunity for your professional AND dancing lives 🙂 I love it when things work out that way…heading into the morass of job searching myself very shortly, so I shall keep your story in mind.

  3. edventures says:

    Congrats kiddo, this should be a great move for you! Oh and I love the Balkie reference, that show cracked me up!

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