My First Flash Mob

Okay, so I don’t think it’ll be making any viral video rounds of the interwebz, but I finally got a chance to dance in a flash mob, peeps!

One of my fellow dancers was involved in organizing a gala for a community music school and someone in her group had the great idea to involve a flash mob in the festivities as a way to mark the transition from reception hour to showtime. So my dancer friend recruited one of our teachers to choreograph a simple routine and asked a few of us to be part of it.

Free ticket to a gala? Hors d’ouevres? Martinis? I’m there!

The routine itself was très simple. Kinda had to be to be accessible to everyone who was participating. We learned it in 15 minutes of one of our classes and taught it to the music school folks the following day. Lots of grapevines. A few pivot turns. Easy enough to do in a pair of heels.

The day of the gala. Okay, really really hard to be inconspicuous in that sort of environment. The 4 or 5 of us who were from the studio kept clumped together… which we totally couldn’t do for the flash mob to come off right. But if we didn’t chat with each other we looked like a scattered sad assortment of wallflowers. We tried to feign interest in the silent auction items. Perused the assortment of appetizers. Stared thoughtfully at the band. Always ended up clumped back up.

Then Rock Around the Clock started to play. Tried (and failed) to pretend not to immediately notice the people who were starting to dance and tried (and failed) to paste on a bemused smile when I allowed myself to notice them. Finally gave up my act and joined in feeling entirely awkward and fully regretting not having made a beeline for the bar the moment I arrived to the gala… usually my dancing is on a stage with a bunch of lights obscuring the audience, not in the midst of high-top tables and gala-goers. It’s a bit disconcerting! But at two minutes long, the piece was over nearly as soon as it had begun.

Then we could take our seats and enjoy the festivities, sip some martinis, listen to some fine jazz.

The music school people seemed very happy with how it all came off. It was really hard to tell the effect from within the mob, but our audience seemed to enjoy it. As I said, I don’t think it’ll be a YouTube sensation, but fun to do nonetheless.

And now I shall leave you with one of my favorite flash mob viral videos!


One thought on “My First Flash Mob

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