We don’t need no stinkin’ barre!

Happy belated Valentine’s Day to all you celebrators out there. Me, I’m not such a fan, but a couple friends and I decided to have an anti-holiday gathering… we wore black and headed out for drinks and yums at an Asian fusion restaurant. Male friend even found some black silk roses at a gas station to gift to his three female un-Valentines.

Probably the best V day I ever had… definitely beats first grade when I developed a horrible ear ache during school and my mom had to come pick me up right before we had our class party (she had been baking a V-day cake while I was in school, though, which went a long way in taking the sting out of that injustice).

Our anti-Valentine’s celebration meant no ballet or hip-hop, though. Some things take priority, what can I say? But I felt that I should compensate somehow, so the night before I stopped at the studio on the way home from work to take a ballet class with the teens. I knew I should have been nervous when I saw the teacher moving the portable barres to the side at the beginning of class after the beginners pointe class let out. Taking the barres… away? What can this mean?

It means… center barre. Horrors. The teacher said that the adults who were in there could use the barre, but the children needed to be hands free. I decided to see how long I could keep up with the kiddos. I did fairly well, only snuck back to the barre for part of adagio. But that’s not to say that any of it was easy. Nope, not at all. It’s kind of sad how extensions practically vanish without the benefit of something to rest your hand on. And how quickly you become a wobble-monster. And the feet… oh, my aching feet. They were so sore. Why? No idea, but that’s where I felt it the most.

I can’t say it was an ego-boosting class. Most of those good-for-you classes aren’t, I’ve noticed. But a reality check isn’t necessarily a bad thing. And on the plus side… I mostly kept up with those whipper-snappers!


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