Luke, I am your…. wicked stepmother?!

Can I tell you how strange it is to not be preparing for a performance right now? The next show on the docket is the recital all the way in June, which means we won’t start rehearsing until at least March. I enjoy the extra free time, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a bit disconcerting. I keep feeling like I’m supposed to be somewhere. To assuage this feeling I signed up for a random college course called Medicine and Society in America. Doesn’t that get your blood pumping?!

Back to the subject of the recital.

I’m of the opinion that recitals are for kids. It’s the one show where the toddlers are allowed to parade around onstage; the one show where everyone who takes a class gets a chance to participate; the one show that doesn’t require additional time outside class to prepare. People are there to coo at the barely-out-of-babyhood kids who toddle out in their impossibly tiny tap shoes and show off their adorable antics (which are far more entertaining that whatever choreography they were supposed to be doing). People are there to see the teens wow the audience with their grown-up confidence and increasing artistry. And they’re there to see the kids that are progressing somewhere in between. They don’t really come to see the adult dancers. Not that they have a choice. There are a lot of adult classes at this school and we all get our chance to perform. But still.

In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t the performance that I get all hyped up about. It’s fun, but not the be-all, end-all of my world. For the kids, though… Wow. Starting in September it’s on everyone’s mind. They all want to know what the theme will be and agonize over having to wait months to find out (it wasn’t top secret or anything, just hadn’t been decided yet!). Once the theme is announced then the speculation starts on what their classes will play in the show. And then there are the leads. For example, last year we did Alice in Wonderland. So there was Alice, the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, doormice… you get the idea. In years past these parts have simply been cast by the teaching staff and posted. Well, this year they decided to cast the leads by audition. Not sure what fueled the change, but that was the decision.

The auditions were also going to be open to adults.

Was I going to audition?

Er. Um. Well. I mean…. I don’t want to take a part away from a KID. Geez. I decided to see which way the wind was blowing the day of and make my decision on the fly.

So there I was in class, the morning of the audition. After barre one of the adults comes up to me. She asks if I’m going to stay. Her oldest child has reached the level to audition so she’d be in the studio anyway for her. Figured if she was going to be there she might as well audition herself. Plus there are mother roles. The teenagers don’t want to play somebody’s MOTHER! She didn’t want to be the only adult at the audition. Please won’t I stay and audition with her so she won’t be alone?


So there we are, two adults in a sea of children. The first ballet combination is impossibly long. My elderly brain would’ve needed a week’s worth of rehearsals to remember it. At least it’s followed by a grand allegro that I can reasonably perform. Then we do a lyrical combination. Oh phew, rolling on the floor looking emo! I can do that! It was an entertaining experience at any rate. Entertaining for me, that is. I was just doing this for shits and giggles and to keep my fellow AA company. Probably not so entertaining for the children for whom the recital is a Big Deal!

Monday I get a text message from AA. “We got leads!” she says. “Whose mother am I?” I ask. “You are Hansel & Gretel’s wicked stepmother!” Well, of COURSE!!! Hahaha. AA is Jack’s mother (of Jack and the Beanstalk, I assume).

The other cute part that I learned later is that Gretel is AA’s own daughter!

They also posted the class listing. One of my classes will be witches. Another, poison. I’m sensing a theme here! I surely hope I haven’t been typecast! 😉


One thought on “Luke, I am your…. wicked stepmother?!

  1. Nellie Dean says:

    “Oh phew, rolling on the floor looking emo! I can do that!”

    That, ma chère, made me laugh so much I almost spat coffee all over my screen. And it isn’t even 9am ❤

    Hurrah on the role though, vee exciting!

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