A Gargawho?

So my Saturday morning class is a combination of adults and the two highest levels of the children’s classes. Which generally means that it’s a bit more challenging… they expect more of the children than us oldsters 😉 That’s — of course — part of the reason I particularly enjoy that class, even though it’s usually a bit crowded.

This Saturday, during allegro we did what can best be described as a half of a gargouillade. There were a lot of giggles about the name… “A what? Oh, I thought you had a hairball!” Not nearly as many giggles as when we attempted it… “Ah, now I see why it has such an ugly name!” I guess the full-out gargouillade is defined differently depending on the school, but according to Gretchen Ward Warren it’s basically (ha! basically!) a jump where you do a double rond de jambe en l’air on one side followed by a double on the other side. She also says it’s a virtuoso movement… clearly. Because what we did mostly looked spastic and that wasn’t even the full thing! In our combination we just did a jump from fifth with a rond de jambe en l’air on one side, then pas de bourréed out of it. I barely had time to do a single rond de jambe and trying to coordinate it with the jumping… yowza.

Then during grand allegro we were supposed to end our combination with a Kitri jump. Er… a who? I mean, I’ve heard of it but really had no idea how to execute it. When I looked it up just now it’s basically just a fancy sissonne from an assemblé preparation. I wish someone had told me that then! I can do a sissonne! I guess the front leg is straight and the back leg goes into attitude and I think you’re supposed to cambré back while you do it. Kinda looks like a weird cheerleader jump. I fumbled that one… didn’t help that I ran out of room by the time that part of the combination so I did a half-hearted little sauté.

Funny, though… as demoralizing as those jumps were I loved learning them. It’s always nice to try something new and different. Might not look pretty, but every so often you stumble on some weird capability you never had. Then you can bust out your inner Stuart Larkin and run around saying: “Look what I can do!” Or… you can at least have a good laugh at your own (and your classmates’) expense.


One thought on “A Gargawho?

  1. Hannah says:

    That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of “gargouillade.” I’ve seen the jumps before but had no idea what they were called. They are pretty but what a weird name. I’d love to learn Kitri jumps! I try them on my own every now and then but never with much success. : )

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