DancerEats — Sugarplums!

I have a habit I can’t quit. It’s called Bon Appetit. An ex’s mom got me a subscription years ago and I’ve tried to let it lapse a couple times, but within a month or two I’m jonesing for my fix. I blame it for turning me into a self-proclaimed foodie (though I have a few aversions that will probably prevent me from every becoming as adventurous as a true foodie should be). I always enjoyed cooking before, but it certainly expanded my culinary education.

The December issue was chock-a-block full of yumminess. I expect that this issue will be saved in all its crumpled, food-stained glory. Too many things to rip out just one or two recipes. There’s a whole section on roasts at the end that I haven’t thoroughly reviewed yet, though I may have drooled on the photos. There was also, of course, a selection of Christmas cookies, though surprisingly I wasn’t intrigued by most of them. The only one I made were the chocolate macaroons with orange ganache (and by “macaroon” they mean “macaron”… the French sandwich cookie made with almond flour, not the coconut cookie). I read somewhere that macarons are the new cupcake, i.e. the trendy food of the foodie masses. Whatever. I am pretty sure it is a trend worthy of following. I found a recipe for cassis macarons, regular macarons with cherry filling, chocolate-lavender macarons. I am ready to get all over this trend.

Anyway, the recipe that struck my ballerina heart was the one for Sugarplum-Orange and Apricot-Earl Grey Jam Tarts. For one thing, Nellie over at Knit Two, Pointe Two had been discussing jam tarts of late and I was craving them like nobody’s business! And for another thing… um, there is Sugarplum in the title! How seasonally appropriate for a wannabe ballerina! Didn’t hurt that the photo was absolutely divine. Oh, and since I was wanting to make macarons which calls for egg whites, well, I had some egg yolks that would need to find themselves a purpose and conveniently the tarts used 4 of them.

Now, I’m not entirely sure what a true sugarplum is, though from what I’ve heard it sounds nasty. Never fear, though, sugarplum here is simply plum jam with some orange zest stirred in. Quite tasty. It all sits atop a hazelnut crust, incredibly rich, but appropriately festive! Definitely going to be putting these into the holiday repertoire (the apricot Earl Grey is wonderful, too)!

Oh, and please note that, while there are nutritional facts at the end of the recipe, you would be best off not reading them. Seriously. I am sure it goes without saying that these do not qualify as diet food, nor will they be found on any detox diet. Consider this a post-performance run treat and you will not be disappointed!


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