As the Pointe Turns

Funny how you can not notice something is wrong in a relationship until you find something better. A relationship with your POINTE SHOES for goodness’ sake! What did you think I was talking about?

Ah, pointes. Romantic and heartbreaking at the same time.

From the Russian Pointe Rubins I learned that just because a shoe is pretty does not mean that it will work for you. The combination of glue and shank and the general shape of the shoe just didn’t cut it. There were long conversations, many Google searches to see if anything could be done to make it work, but once I started developing bruises I was out!

I briefly considered going back to the Chacott Veronese II since I’d worn them before and didn’t remember anything particularly wrong with them. They are comfortable. Kind of endearing in their quirky way. But didn’t exactly pull equal weight in the relationship. They were just kind of there. Friendly enough, but no passion, no drive and no long-term potential.

Then I went and got some professional pointe shoe matchmaking advice which led me to the Bloch Heritage. I have discovered something with Bloch pointes from multiple fittings (and in this case, wearing them for an extended period of time). I lovelovelove the shanks. And I hatehatehate the boxes. I want it to work. I want to believe that they make a box that doesn’t hurt my toes. I want to believe that we could one day dance off into the sunset. But until that day I think we’ll just have to admire one another from afar. Unrequited love.

My matchmaker also led me to the Grishko Ulanova I and after some initial doubts we had a nice long, sweaty date at the barre one day during technique class and seemed to be getting along quite well. Had I found the one?! We definitely had some fun and I ignored some of the signs of impending doom. The weird clicking sensation I’d get when rising from demi- to full pointe on my left foot. The fact that I was constantly stopping to tighten the drawstring. I sent the matchmaker a picture of us together hoping for raves and instead got the news that the Ulanovas were swallowing my feet whole. Stifling my aspirations. Okay, she didn’t actually say that. But did say that they were too wide and I should consider something narrower with perhaps a lower profile. Hopefully we can stay friends.

But see, I really thought that I might be on to something with the Grishkos in general. Maybe the Ulanova I wasn’t quite right, but I wanted to keep going down that path. Which led me to the 2007s. When I compared the two I realized how much the Ulanovas resembled boats on my feet. Yikes. How did I not see that before? The 2007s look like part of my foot. They fit like a glove! When I pointe my foot the shank just hugs the sole of my foot. Who doesn’t love a good hug? The platform isn’t as flat as the Ulanova, but I’m now seeing that might be a good thing since I think the platform was allowing me to sit in the shoe and not work through the ankle as I should. Hm. I still feel stable on the 2007s, but with more freedom, somehow.

Gonna take it slow, I think. Been burned too many times. But I’m cautiously optimistic. Got a big thing coming up next month. Gotta wear my ballerina shoes in public. Think I’m gonna ask the 2007s, see how they weather the (Snow)storm.

Will the 2007s be a match made in heaven? Or will I be tempted by yet another pair of shoes? Stay tuned.


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