New beginning

One week down of the new school year.

In a way, not much new. Classes are much the same as they had been and we’d only been away for three weeks or so. But still, there’s something exciting about a fresh start.

For me, this will be my first full year at the studio. I had started with them around November or December of last year so it’s kind of nice to start at the beginning (even if the year never really ends) and go from there.

I’m definitely soresoresore. Tuesday night was an hour and a half of ballet technique followed by an hour of contemporary. That was my first contemporary class, but I loved it. Much as I love ballet, I’m kind of a fan of rolling around on the floor and being emo. I’m not a huge fan of expressing emotion in real life, so I guess that’s my (public) emotional outlet. But man, rolling around the floor being emo works some different muscle groups, not to mention gives you bruised knees.

And why is it that the pain doesn’t really hit you until the 2nd day? Wednesday I woke up, thought, gee, I guess all my Perfect Pointe workouts really helped keep me in shape during the break. Thursday I rolled out of bed and groaned. My calves were seized up and my bum muscles were none too happy. But, suck it up!, ’cause Thursday night I’m back at the studio for another hour and a half technique class followed by a half hour pointe class, then an hour of lyrical. By lyrical a few of us (including the teacher) were a little punchy. Zombie-like is more like it. Then back to Saturday a.m. classes with the intermediate/advanced teens. Still hella sore, but my balances at the barre this morning were damned good, if I do say so myself! Not sure what to attribute that to, but golly, kinda fun to just hang out on demi-pointe and say, oh, I think I’ll come down from this retiré now rather than toppling over like a felled tree (which is my usual way of getting down from rélevé).

Good start to the year.

Can’t wait to start working on Nutcracker, but auditions aren’t for another month yet. Another month?! How can I wait that long?! But on the plus side, it’ll give me some time to work in the new pointe shoes and see if I feel ready to audition en pointe.

That and it’ll give me time to continue my Perfect Pointe stuff. I actually finished the first two stages. This is the farthest I’ve ever gotten. Started stage 3 yesterday, which is all about turnout. And I was complaining about sore bum muscles before. Yowza. But my turnout can use all the help it can get, so hoping for some miracles there. My feet have definitely benefited from the first two stages and are actually looking quite lovely (for my feet).

Hope everyone else’s new year is off to a wonderful start!


2 thoughts on “New beginning

  1. Kaija says:

    I’ve always been curious about trying a contemporary class but not sure how ‘scary new’ it would be. You make it sound fun though…I may have to venture forth 🙂 And I am envious that you get to dance in Nutcracker…sounds like so much fun!

    • roriroars says:

      Nothin’ hurt by trying! I say go for it!

      I’m excited about Nutcracker. This will be my first! I’d kind of given up on ever being able to perform it. Nut’s so overdone, but at the same time, feels like a rite of passage. Plus it’s easy to get people to come see me perform because everyone wants to see the Nutcracker!

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