Summer vacation

I’m reading all these other dance blogs about starting back for fall. I, on the other hand, just wrapped up the last summer class last night and how have to wait two and a half weeks for the fall classes to start.

A week or two ago I was in “I-need-a-break-STAT” mode. All the classes and the rehearsals… But then, of course, we had the ballet and the excitement around that… and then you’re all rarin’ to go again and it ends. Phooey.

But I’m going to enjoy the time off nonetheless. I scheduled a vacation for next week. “Vacation” meaning I won’t be at work. I don’t have any set plans other than taking my BLS course (word to the wise, if you are a healthcare professional, do NOT let your CPR certification lapse… then you have to take the whole darned course over again instead of the trés simple renewal process).

I won’t have dance classes to go to, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any dance plans. I want to book an appointment at Overwhelming Dance Store to get fitted for a different pair of pointe shoes. This particular store does a lot of online sales, so they have a huge selection. I’m hoping somewhere in there are my dream pointes. Maybe while I’m there I’ll venture a few miles south and try to hit up a dance class in Big City. The dance school affiliated with Big City Ballet appears to be closed until fall, sadly, so won’t be able to try them out (definitely want to at some point), but there’s a less famous (but still well-known professional) company in the city next-door which also has an associated dance school and their adult classes appear to be on, so I think I’ll give them a shot.

Since that one class will not maintain my current fitness level (which sadly never reached the heights I’d hoped for this summer) I will need to do something else. The plus side of standing around on hard floors in ballet slippers during dress rehearsals and the show last weekend is that it got me back to doing my pointe exercises. The first section of the book I’ve been working from is on flexibility and includes stretching exercises and massage, so Saturday morning before the show I had done that to try to relieve some of the calf pain, and then Sunday morning after the show definitely felt the need to do the exercises again… ended up continuing on and finished up the first week of the program today, so hoping to keep that up. Figure on the days off I’ll dust off some of my Kundalini yoga DVDs and try to get some of those workouts in. Something that’ll keep the body strong and flexible, but a little different from dance. Cross-training, as it were.

Otherwise I’ll just be living vicariously through my fellow dance-bloggers and looking forward to the start of fall… and Nutcracker auditions… and whatever else may come along!


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