Open house partayyyyy!!!

You know you’ve been sucked in when there are no classes going on and you still find yourself hanging out in the stinky basement dance studios instead of doing something productive.

Okay, it was a little productive… I provided moral support for those running the annual open house and did officially register for the 2011-12 year.

It truly amazes me the change in the studio from last week to this week. A week ago every spare corner was filled with costumes or props or sewing machines or iced coffee cups. I was at rehearsal and witnessed a frenzy when another dance teacher came in to teach her regularly scheduled classes and the ensuing panic when everyone realized that none of the studios were readily available! Oops! Everyone was scrambling to move plastic totes out of the way so she could teach. This week, spic and span. The office area alone looked like it had doubled in size! We clean up well, I guess! Last night they even had vases of flowers throughout (granted one was perched on top of the microwave, but still, a lovely touch).

Apparently I arrived after the big open house rush. Who knew dance open houses are like yard sales? Advertise that it starts at a certain time and people are lining up an hour early. Except, I kind of get it with yard sales… you want to get there early for the good stuff. I still have serious doubts that “good stuff” and “yard sale” should be in the same sentence, but I can at least see the logic. Dance open houses? I mean, are they there early for best cookie/punch selection? Do they think we’ll run out of classes? The logic escapes me there, but I think I’m just as happy to have missed the crush of people.

I mostly just sat on my duff and socialized. Talked to a few new people who were in registering their kids. It was really cute to watch the little girls get fitted for their first pairs of ballet slippers!

And I finally submitted my own registration form. I decided to go for the unlimited class option. Once you pass the 5 hrs/week class option it goes to unlimited classes. After trying to figure out all the mental math it seemed to made the most sense. Annnnndddd… found out that if you pay for the year upfront there’s a 10% discount, so I think I might just do that. It’s a big check to write, but a pretty good deal (basically getting one month free). So I’ve got myself on the books for three 90-minute technique classes, one 30-minute pointe class, one 60-minute contemporary class, and one 60-minute lyrical class. I wish I could do modern, too, but it’s at the same time as one of the ballet classes. Boo. Hopefully the contemporary and lyrical will help fill the void!


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