Oh, and one more thing

Frivolous ranty post:

Perhaps because of the Very Formal Ballet Bun I’ve occasionally been sporting of late, I’ve been asked by various people, “Is your recital coming up soon?”

I appreciate the interest… the fact that people remember that I A) dance and B) have an upcoming performance is quite nice.

But for the love of Goddess, IT’S NOT A FREAKIN’ RECITAL!!! I am not 4! There will be no dancing to cutesy Shirley Temple-ish songs about duckies or how much I love to tap-tap-tap! There will be no trophies awarded for surviving X years at Y school and no speeches about how far we’ve all come during the year!

Clearly I am not above dancing in recitals, but THIS! This is a BAL.LET. Like, a full-length, all-ballet-no-other-kind-of-dancing to music-which-is-all-classical-with-no-words telling a famous-story-in-two-hours ballet.

Yeah, I’m being a snobby bunhead. And of course I don’t get all ranty at people who are kind enough to express interest in my outside activities… instead I say, “Why yes, the ballet is coming up soon!” with hopes that the emphasis on the word ballet will discourage any recital-talk. I can’t help but feel that they are laughing at me on the inside when they use the R-word. Like, “look at this grown woman who is clearly delusional.” “Ballet” makes it sound dignified and elegant. I’d settle for “show.” At least that sounds entertaining. “Recital” just brings to mind an endless stream of spangled toddlers in patent leather tap shoes.

And it bruises my leonine pride. Snif. 😉


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