All bunned up with noplace to go (yet)

I am sitting here all bunned up (coworkers look at me a little funny, but if I don’t do the bun when the hair’s still wet it’s a lost cause). Dance bag is next to me packed with my underoo leo, my three pairs of tights (pink, black, red), three pairs of slippers (pink, black, red), makeup, hair stuff, Advil, Band-Aids, etc. I am ready for dress rehearsal!

But damn, this work thing is cramping my style. Now I have to sit here and pretend to be all intrigued with my dumb reports and stuff when I really just want to be at the theatre already! Grr!!!

Work really gets in the way of my desired lifestyle, I must say. I wish I was good enough to make dance my career (I don’t necessarily mean I’d want to be a professional dancer — I’d take teacher, dance medicine specialist, something along those lines). But such is life and I should just be grateful that I’ve found a place that not only offers adult dance classes (a rare commodity around here), but actual performing opportunities for adults that go beyond being party parents in the annual Nutcracker production.

Super excited about this show. This is the third show I’ve done with this group and each one is more impressive than the last! Throughout the summer the studio has gradually been taken over by costumes and plastic tubs full of props. Sewing machines have been set up in corners of the studio and have been humming along. White tights have been dyed different colors and hung on the barres to dry.

We had a studio dress rehearsal earlier this week. It was so fun to see all the costumes with people in them (especially the baby faeries… so cute!), the guest artists who have come to perform with us (ooh, aah… professional dancer-people), and to finally get a sense of how this all comes together. I’m so impressed with what our director has put together.

So now I sit and wait… impatiently… for the fun that is SHOWTIME! to begin!


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