Jump up, jump up, and get down

Just wrapped up the second week of rehearsals for the ballet we’re performing in August. Wow. This is so much FUN! I mean, obviously I find ballet fun… in a somewhat masochistic way. But this is really fun.

First off the dances with my fellow adults. I was originally only cast in the opening scene, but one of the other women isn’t able to do it, so I’m taking her part in a second scene as well. We actually have men-folk in these dances. How exciting. They are not exactly, well, dancers, but they are exceedingly good sports. Even if my partner does make annoying verbalizations during the piece. Of course, he got stuck with me, so I suppose we’re probably even. He gets a chick who’s just come from two hours and 15 minutes of ballet and is therefore drenched with sweat, who then proceeds to yell and shove at him during rehearsal. In a very kind, caring way of course. I’m not in need of anger management or anything, this is more along the lines of, “NO! Don’t go there! Turn to the left!” I need to figure out how to get him to do a shoulder-sit lift… we were supposed to be one of the couples to do it and he was totally confused as to how to approach it. I’m not a big girl, but trying to dead-lift me ain’t gonna work, sonny. And I really want to do this. Oh, and in one of the dances we get to dance around a maypole… hopefully not strangling the poor guy holding the maypole in the process. Goooood times.

And then there’s my dance with the teenagers. And tambourines. Good lord! Who thought that was a good idea? BUT! Actually having rehearsed part of it, this piece is totally up my alley. It involves a ton of jumping. And I do love me some jumpin’. I get to explode onstage in a tombé, pas de bourrée, glissade, Italian pas de chat, tendu devant. That alone makes me happy. As long as I can manage to hold on to my tambourine and not accidentally toss it like a frisbee into the head of some unsuspecting member of the audience I think it will be successful. Oh that and doing pirouettes en dehors to the left. Not my good side. Yet.

Yee. Haw.

I’m really excited with how much progress we’ve made so far (and relieved, too… just over a month until the performance!). Can’t wait to be part of this show. Squee!


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