My incredible shrinking feet

Finally got up the courage to brave the large dance store nearer the big city. Went there once before and was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff jammed in there, but I knew from that experience that they carry a wide variety of shoes, so figured I should be able to find some new slippers there that I actually liked.

It was, as before, chaotic. There appeared to be a group of teens there from one dance school getting fitted for their first pairs of pointe shoes. Quite darling, but the accompanying moms were taking up all of the benches that were a mere 2 feet away from the slipper selection. They seemed utterly unfazed by the fact that I was trying to shop. Argh.

Tried on a few different varieties of Blochs as well as a couple Mirellas and a pair of Russian Pointe flats. At the end of all of this I decided that nothing beat the Bloch Pumps and I really just wanted a new (complete) pair. The pair I had were a size 6.5B and I thought they were a little baggy, so decided to see if they had a size 6 somewhere out back. A nice girl went and found a pair. I tried them on and they were… enormous! Whaaaaa???

Eventually the girl reappeared and asked how it went. I told her and she disappeared to go rustle up a 5.5 and also brought a size 5, just in case. The 5.5s were okay, but they were a C width and just a little baggy. But workable. I doubted that the size 5s would work, figured they’d be far too small, but decided to give them a try since they were there and… they fit like a glove. What the….???

There is no way that my feet have shrunk a size and a half in the past year. So what the heck is going on here? I can only assume that Bloch changed their sizing (did they go the way of vanity sizing? as if the old sizing methodology wasn’t strange enough?). I actually have a couple other models of Bloch slippers in 6.5 and they fit fine. All I can say is that I am exceptionally grateful I was smart enough to go buy slippers in person rather than just ordering online and ending up with huge sacks for my feet.

And now… for the photo evidence.

Hard to see the model number on the old shoe, but it is exactly the same.

And here you can see how they fit. The old were definitely a bit bigger, but not a size and a half worth of bigger!

Strange, huh?


5 thoughts on “My incredible shrinking feet

  1. Acacia says:

    It is odd, but my foot size has changed before too. When I was in my 20s, I wore a street size 9, but I’ve worn a size 8 for the past 10 years. Weird.

  2. Reece says:

    No, I’m not terribly surprised. I can’t comment on shoes, as my old slippers have long since vanished, but the rest of my dance gear from 25 years ago was all size “large”. Yet, even though I can still wear jeans from college, my new dance gear is size “XL”. Same company too (Capezio). The staff at the dancewear store said there had been significant changes to sizing in the last few years.

    This was quite a shock, since most men’s wear is sized based on measurable dimensions.

  3. roriroars says:

    It really does make me wonder how the companies come up with their sizes. Every brand seems to have its own criteria and even within brands (I’ve noticed this with shoes, especially) they will have differences among models. It’s truly bizarre.

    This was the first time I’ve ever encountered THIS situation, though, where I go to purchase an identical item and all of a sudden they’ve changed the sizing. My foot is definitely still the same size. Haha!

  4. Nikki says:

    I think, as your foot grows stronger, the muscles inside the foot actually build and tighten the figure of the foot, so it doesn’t splay out as large and casually as it used to. That could be a reason why your fit seems smaller. Ballet dancers prefer wearing tighter slippers, maybe you’ve gotten to that stage because there’s a difference between your two slippers. Your right foot is loose, though it fits comfortably. The left slipper is taught and actually compressing your toes.
    Strengthening the arches of your feet I think could really change the shape/size of your foot. That’s my personal observation.

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