Pon de Replay

Got home late the other night from dinner at a friend’s. Checked the mail on the way in the door, and ooh, a padded envelope, what could that be? Why, it’s the DVD of the recital. Eeek!

So even though I should have headed straight to bed, I popped it in. I thought, well, I’ll just watch the pieces I was in. But ended up watching a lot more than that.

While I was watching I was being the ultimate multi-tasker and was chatting online with another friend. I was giving him my running commentary on the videography, the various dances, and then one of mine came on. I might have said something along the lines of, “Let’s see how much I screwed up in this one.” His response (he’s seen me dance many times) was that if I screwed up I would be the only one who would notice. Which I agreed with. But still. I don’t want to screw up. I want to look good! Even if I’m the only one who cares. He persisted with his, “Why are you so hard on yourself” talk. And finally I said, well, it’s like the football team reviewing tape after a game. Win or lose, you still review the tape to see what plays worked, what didn’t, what can be improved upon. Finally my friend conceded that I had a point, though still insisted that I was too hard on myself.

It’s true, though. It’s not like I was watching the show crying in my beer. In general I was quite happy with how it turned out, including the pieces I was in. But I did catch a few things that I would never have realized looked a little wonky if I hadn’t watched the video. Things like port de bras, especially. There were also things I saw where I thought, gee, that looks really good!

Of course, watching the video can’t really be compared to seeing something live. There were a few scenes that I just know didn’t really translate. But it can be a useful tool to see what overall things I can focus on in the upcoming summer session! Not to mention a fun little record for posterity: my first recital… as an adult.


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