Shoe or you?

I had a mission to spend 15 minutes cleaning out my bedroom closet the other day. Don’t scoff, you’d be amazed at what can get done in 15 minutes. I can actually walk in my walk-in closet instead of tripping and stumbling now. Anyway…

While I was organizing I came upon my old pair of pointe shoes (pictured here). I spent some time (after the 15 minutes of cleaning were done, of course) analyzing the wear pattern on both those and the new shoes. I can tell from the new shoes that I’m definitely not getting over on the box as much I should, especially on the left side. Problem. But out of curiosity I wondered if I’d always had the same issue or if this was something new. After all, my left foot has always been lazier, weaker, flatter than the right.

But it seems that my current issue is something new. Because the old shoes have far more even wear on the platform. On both shoes.

So for further analysis I decided to try the old shoes on and compare in front of a mirror. Of course, the old shoes are pretty much shot… old glue and general wear. But for scientific purposes, I wanted to see if I was having a foot issue or a shoe issue.

Interestingly, I have no problem getting over either box on the old shoes. 100% up and over. Tried on the new shoes and still… really struggling to get over, especially on the left.

So now the question is… am I in the wrong shoe? Or is it simply that the new shoes still aren’t broken in enough? After all, we usually only ended up getting in 20-30 minutes/week in pointe class, whereas I used the old shoes to take entire technique classes 2-3 times a week. So maybe with the additional pointe time this summer (2 45-minute classes/week) I’ll get them more malleable?

Or is it that my feet need additional strengthening? Which, if that’s the case, I am working on it. Argh. Just frustrating wondering where exactly my issue lies!


One thought on “Shoe or you?

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