Dance dance til you’re dead

Just got the rehearsal schedule for the next two weeks.

The good news? The rehearsals will mostly be scheduled for M-W. (Yay, weekends are mine!!!)

The bad news? The rehearsals will mostly be scheduled for M-W.

Hahaha… those are going to be some loooong days. With around 2-3+ hours of class a night and then adding another hour or hour and a half of rehearsal to some of those nights. Well, I’m guessing that the five pounds I randomly gained over the past couple months will be saying hasta la vista very soon!

Not that I mind. A couple months ago (before I had any idea what the summer schedule was going to be like), I’d actually considered taking an adult summer intensive. Clearly that was unnecessary! I’m really looking forward to getting all these hours in in the studio. I think it will really help me cross some hurdles in my technique and confidence. Plus, I mean, this is the first full-length ballet I’ll be a part of, so I’m super excited to do the work.

But this will mean some major organization on my part. Like, making sure I have my dance bag fully packed the night before and stocking up on easily portable, nutritious, energizing snacks! Leave me some comments on your favorite snacks/beverages to get you through dance class/rehearsal. I’ll need the suggestions as I’m already bored with my standard go-to ideas!

It’s times like this when I realize how much my paying job gets in the way of my life đŸ™‚ Sigh. The woes of being a recreational dancer.


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