Slipper woes

Decided to check out the small-town dance store near work for new canvas ballet slippers to replace the half-pair I am currently left with. I told the nice lady what I was replacing (Bloch Pumps) and she replied that they used to stock those, but that they started selling a new brand that’s been very popular. Okay, I’m game for trying new things, sure.

So she pulls out a pair of Angelo Luzio slippers (made by the Body Wrappers people… and I do love their leos). She tells me that this model (the Wendy) has a left and a right, which is kind of a nice idea. I usually wear mine into a right and left anyway and it might be nice to not have the extra fabric on the pinky toe side. So I try them on. And they look okay on flat. She has me point my foot. And… I don’t know, they just don’t look quite right. I tell the lady that. She seems unfazed. I get the impression that this is the only canvas split-sole shoe she stocks. And dumb me, instead of saying, thanks but no thanks, feels guilty and buys the damned slippers.

Which I immediately regret.

I get home and compare them to the Bloch Neo-Hybrids I’ve been wearing and the lone Pump slipper I still have. The Blochs feel… like they’re not even there. I’ll admit that the Pumps look far baggier on the top than the Wendys do, but under my foot, they look nicer, I don’t feel the pleats digging into my toes. The Wendys are screaming, “Hey, you, I’m biting your toes, hahahaha!!!”

I look at the soles. The Blochs (both models) are neatly sewn and the sole patches don’t stick out at all. In fact, on the Pump model the front sole patch is totally flush with the canvas. The Luzios are all, “Hey, I got your sole patches here!” Quite honestly, the only obvious sole patches (or, uh, soul patches) I want are the kind that come attached to Apolo Anton Ohno’s face. Just sayin’.

The canvas… well, I know that the Pump is all broken in, so of course they’re softer, but this stretch canvas crap they use for the Wendys is not particularly cushy or comfortable.

Oh, and… the elastics for the Luzios? Totally unattached. I know for a fact that the Pumps come with the elastics attached at the heel (which means half the sewing).

I also happened to notice that part of the drawstring gusset is coming undone already. I haven’t even worn the shoes yet. So… back they go. I do feel a little like the Princess and the Pea over here, but… so be it. I want to wear shoes that make me happy. So there.


One thought on “Slipper woes

  1. Oh my goodness, they need to work for you! And just like street shoes, no one model is going to work for every person. I’m glad you’re taking them back instead of just sticking them out. I think I want to buy split soles next time I buy shoes – however, given that I dance once a week, my current bloch leather shoes should last for a good long time.

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