Break me off a piece of that Kit-Kat bar!

One nice thing about the ballet studio is that we still had class the week after the recital. I’m not sure if this was by coincidence or design, but compared to my past recital experiences (where it was the culmination of the dance year) it was nice to see everyone again and debrief, if nothing else, even though we were all kind of dazed and more than a little punchy.

But now we really are on break. Two weeks of freedom. I am missing dance, of course, but I do welcome the down time, especially knowing what’s coming up!

There’s the 7-week summer session starting after the 4th. Classes are Monday-Thursday evenings, open classes for the teens & up, which should offer a nice challenge (especially pointe). If I’m feeling super-ambitious (which I am at the moment) in those four days a week I’d be able to take 3 ballet technique classes, 2 pointe classes, a stretch & strengthen class, a lyrical class, plus a modern class and a hip-hop class. There’s actually a fourth ballet technique class offered, but it’s a noon-time class on Tuesdays so I doubt I’ll be hitting that unless I happen to get a day off or work from home that day.

If that wasn’t exhausting enough, rehearsals for the ballet company will be starting up soon. We just got the casting today, so I’m not sure whether we’ll be starting next week as originally planned or waiting until the following week. I’m also not sure how much time that will actually take up. Having never seen the show I don’t really know how involved my roles will be. I’m cast as a villager with a bunch of other adults in the first part which I anticipate will involve some sort of corps dance and milling around stage and the like… And then apparently doing something with three lovely young ladies who, I’m quite sure, are all less than half my age. Hm…

Then later in the summer I’m supposed to start choreographing for a local musical theatre production. Admittedly I haven’t even given that a thought yet. I’m practicing denial. It’s going quite well so far.

So yes, in the meantime I am attempting to fully enjoy my downtime. Meaning… clean out my dance bag and give everything a good wash, read a book or two, finish that shawl I started knitting over a year ago, stay on the pointe exercise wagon, maybe get in some yoga DVDs. Wait… I thought this was supposed to be down time!? Give me a break! 😉


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