Orphan shoe

I think something terrible has happened here, folks. I have lost a ballet slipper. Waaahhhh… 😦

I am going to do a thorough clean-out of my dance bag this weekend and may take a quick scan through my car, and I took a look through the lost & found at the studio yesterday, but I’m pretty sure my dirty ol’ Bloch Pump is gone. If I had to guess, it’s kicking around some corner of the gorgeous theatre where we performed last weekend. If it must be lost, at least it’s lost in a pretty place. Sigh.

So I’ve been dancing in the slippers I bought back in January, theoretically for the class I was teaching (on wood floors), but never got around to sewing the elastics on until a few weeks ago. They’re partially leather (Bloch Neo Hybrids… front is leather, back is neoprene). They look nice and feel nice, but trying to dance in them on marley floors is a bit of an exercise in frustration, especially since it has finally warmed up and the studio is rather sauna-like. I generally feel stuck to the floor and occasionally my shoes make horrible loud noises. Not very ballerina-like!

Looks like I’m going to have to invest in a new pair of canvas slippers. Sigh. Not a bad thing, I just kinda wanted to get new shoes because I’d worn the old ones out, not because I was scatter-brained! Boo.


One thought on “Orphan shoe

  1. […] out the local small-town dance store near my work for new canvas ballet slippers to replace the half-pair I am currently left with. I told the nice lady what I was replacing (Bloch Pumps) and she replied […]

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