Search terms

I always find it amusing to see what search terms people have used to get to my blog. Here are today’s (so far):

“rori roars”
Yes, she does. Next…

“ballet yoga”
Um, try reading my post on the Bar Method. Or are you curious as to whether yoga and ballet can work together? I say, sure!

“old lady in satin”
Okay, this one comes up with alarming frequency. Is there some sort of weird fetish I am unaware of (and if so, I would like to stay ignorant of it, so please, no details!).

“ballet teacher giving corrections to fellow teacher”
As in… is it recommended? Or, is it kosher? Depends. Is the teacher giving corrections to another teacher who happens to be taking a class (okay; I always figure that’s kinda the point of taking a class) or is the teacher correcting the teaching methods of the other teacher (not so much okay… at least, not in the middle of class, unless the input is solicited)?

“end of college old”
Are you feeling old at the end of college? Sometimes. Does ending college make you old? Yes, you are ancient, start looking for a burial plot. Does college get old at the end? Depends.

“tulle under graduation gown”
Not recommended. Please don’t do this. When I mentioned wearing a bridesmaid gown under a graduation gown please be aware that the bridesmaid dress in question was more of a fancy sundress and there was no tulle involved. If you choose to not follow my advice I take no responsibility for the outcome. 😉


One thought on “Search terms

  1. Reece says:

    I love looking at the search criteria that leads people to my blog! Sometimes it’s obvious why it’d generate a hit on a blog, and other times you have to wonder if there isn’t a bug in the search engine. And then there’s the terms themselves: some of them are sensible, but others have a serious WTF quality.

    I’ve been toying with doing just such a post for a while, and you’ve inspired me to do it.

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