You’d think, after *mumblemumble* years of recitals, the distribution of costumes would lose its appeal. That eventually we’d see enough sequins and sparkles we’d say, “Enough already! I’ve outgrown this silliness!”

Right… okay, yeah, no.

We turn into giddy kids the moment those bags come out. We stand around, trying not to look overeager while waiting for our name to be called. Sometimes there are different colors and the anticipation is doubled. Which color will I get? The second example below was one of those situations. I ended up with my favorite color, though they were (almost) all pretty, so I guess I’d’ve been happy with any of them.

The only bonus of being old (though some may not view this as a bonus) is that most of our costumes are rented, therefore we no longer have the agony of a closet-ful of aging costumes that we somehow cannot bear to part with in spite the fact that, save the occasional Halloween event, there will never be an occasion to wear them again (kind of like graduation gowns and bridesmaid dresses… though one time I did wear an old bridesmaid dress under a graduation gown! One of the few, “I want you guys to be able to wear this again” attempts that actually worked out.)

So, what prettiness was distributed this time? Well, there was this little number:

“Yeah, okay Rori,” I can hear you saying. “You entitled this post, ‘TULLE!!!’ That barely qualifies.”

Fine. You want tulle? I’ll give you tulle!

The picture doesn’t really give the volume of tulle justice, but believe you me, a room full of 12 women wearing those things, it’s like a bridal boutique barfed in the dance studio. Get too close to one another and the tulle sticks like velcro. It’s entertaining.

And to top it all off? I get to wear that one with this adorable little thing wrapped around my bun!

Yup… this is gonna be fun! Assuming I can stop twirling around in my pretty, floofy skirts long enough to get on stage and dance!


One thought on “TULLE!!!

  1. Sandy says:

    Did the giddy little “princess in tulle” at a recital think the next best thing was shopping for a prom gown? One can never have enough tulle, ruffles, or floofy layers in the skirt.

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