Golden Arches

Still diligently working on my pointe exercises. I’ve moved on to the strength set. Multiple single leg rélevés (on demi-pointe) are way harder than they would seem at first glance. Just sayin’.

Not sure if all this work is translating into class the way I initially thought it was, though I can’t totally negate that possibility either. Had some more good balances this week (after feeling wobbly last week) on demi-pointe. But was frustrated in pointe class yesterday. I still seem to struggle in really getting over on that left box. Argh. I do fine in things like piqués, but rolling up I always seem to be sitting back from where I need to be. My left foot just seems to be a little stupid at times. I’m like, hello down there, wake up and get with the program, s’il vous plaît! Meanwhile the right foot is rockin’ it out, mocking the left.

On the positive side, I need to remember that we keep doing more and more advanced things each week, so maybe it’s not that I’m failing to make progress, but more that I’m not noticing the progress in one area because I’m focusing on the increased difficulty of the new things.

Like… pirouettes. I can’t believe we’re actually starting to work on pirouettes en pointe! The fun thing about them is that once you’re up, the spinning part is totally easy. It’s the getting up and having a nice firm base that’s the tricky part.

All this is totally not the point of this post which is… I think I have arches, people! I had long given up on being one of those people with pretty dancer feet. I had even gone so far as to decide that I was “flat-footed.” And, well, they’ll never be the subject of envy, I know that. The bone structure just isn’t there. But! I’ve discovered that with all this consistent work the arches are starting to look a little more lifted, even when I’m not pointing my foot. Pretty! Plus the toes are less scrunchy when I point my feet (especially on that darned left side which was particularly fond of scrunching!) and I swear there’s even a tiny bit of instep (I mean, the variety that can only been seen with intense scrutiny, but still…). All this is enough to keep my motivation up to keep workin’ those piggies! Who cares if I’m stronger as long as I have pretty feet!

(Totally joking about that last sentence, now. I really am aiming for strength & flexibility, but if my feet start looking better as a result, you won’t be hearing any complaining from me!)


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