Pretty pretty princess

So, yeah, this doesn’t have much to do with dance or being a nurse or anything really. But…

Apparently Tuesday was International Tiara Day. This is one of the valuable things I learned from my ballet class. So don’t skip class, kids! You never know what you might miss out on!

Thus… wishing to celebrate properly and coincidentally having a standing date with some of my girlfriends (who just happen to be a couple of my ballet students) on ITD, I procured some tiaras from Ye Olde Chain Accessory Shoppe (which were markedly cuter than the exceptionally cheezy tiaras I found — and purchased — at Large Chain Craft Store R Us… I wanted to be sure I had a backup plan on the off chance I couldn’t find anything classy).

I get to the cute tapas bar where we were congregating and Friend One pulls in. I get out of my car and say, “It is International Tiara Day and I bought you a tiara.”

There are some people in this world who, upon hearing this news, would look askance, cough nervously, mumble, giggle uncomfortably, or otherwise express embarrassment at being saddled with a friend who takes such a day seriously. One is not such a friend.

“Really?! Hooray!” she says, and promptly places her tiara on her head.

We get a table and wait for Friend Two to arrive. Two walks in a few minutes later and says, “Um, are you wearing tiaras?”

“It is International Tiara Day and I got you a tiara, too!” I say, handing her a tiara.

Is Two one of those embarrassed sorts of friends? Hell no (do you really think I’d have such lousy taste in friends?)! “My day just got so much better!” Two replies, as she places her tiara on her head. (I gave her one of the cheezy tiaras for her 3-year-old. Might as well make use of them!)

We make some explanations to our wait staff (no, there are no bachelorettes, birthday girls, or royalty in this party, it is simply… ITD).

And then a couple menfolk join us (on purpose, we invited them, these weren’t random strangers drawn to our tiaras). We explain our headgear. “Where is my tiara?” one of the menfolk asks.

“Er, well, I have two more cheesy tiaras in my car if you want…”

*Receives expectant look*

I go out to my car and retrieve the other two tiaras. These tiaras have pink & purple furry fringe. I mean, gaudy doesn’t even come close. Exactly the kind of thing a preschool-aged kid would adore. Man One proceeds to wear his tiara throughout most of the evening (Man Two humored us briefly and then gave up on his tiara, but I am more tolerant of such behavior from friends who have Y chromosomes).

We ate, drank, and made merry. And every so often Two would look over, grin, and say, “I’m wearing a tiara!”

“I know!” I’d reply.

We are… pretty pretty princesses.


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