Number 35

Auditions for the ballet company’s summer production took place the other night.

I went (of course).

This was the first dance audition I’ve ever been to. No joke. Any other performance I’ve been a part of has been by invitation or default. So I wasn’t sure what to expect. Was it going to be formal? Informal? Hard? Easy? Scary? Fun?

Turns out they attempted to make it formal. And for the younger auditionees they may have succeeded. However, due to the fact that there was only one person in the adult audition I didn’t recognize and the rest of us were all regulars and kind of a giggly crew… not so very formal. But they did try. The office of the studio had a check-in table (complete with a tablecloth and a bowl of seasonal flowers) placed near the entrance. I picked up a clipboard from the stack and filled in the audition sheet. I paid my fee and received a number to pin to my leotard. I was number 35. No particular significance to that number, lucky or unlucky. Probably just as well.

As we waited for the teen audition to wrap up each person commented about being a bit nervous even though we didn’t really have much reason to be… everyone will get a part (and us oldsters will probably all end up in the same corps anyway). But most all of us were a little more serious than usual… in appearance, if not demeanor! We were wearing our pink tights (officially we’re supposed to, but a lot of people don’t), the warm-up attire was generally kept to a minimum and most of us had our hair in buns (by which I mean the hairnet-hairpin-hairspray type of bun, not the messy twisted-up-in-an-elastic bun).

The teens finally filtered out and shouted their “good luck”s to us in passing.

We didn’t exactly filter in. One other woman and I stood near the entrance to the studio saying, “Should we go in?” “You go first.” “No, you go!” Haha. Once in the studio, we saw a table set up near the mirrors and one of the other studio teachers sat behind it with our audtion sheets. Okay, that was a little intimidating. I mean, obviously we’re going to be watched, but somehow having two people sitting behind a table with sheets in front of them was a little scarier than if they were just standing in a corner.

We started late. And there was much chatter. We did a few simple center exercises (a tendu combination and a quick adagio). That was followed by some turns across the floor and a grand allegro. Nothing too terribly taxing. And… that was pretty much it. We were booked for 45 minutes, but all things considered it probably only lasted 25 minutes or so.

Such was my first audition experience. Kind of interesting. Not sure when we’ll find out about casting, but looking forward to participating in my first full ballet in whatever role I’m in!


2 thoughts on “Number 35

  1. Jeff says:

    Neat! What ballet is it? Good luck!

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