Shoe Timeline – May 2011

I was inspired by a comment on one of Pointe ‘Til You Drop’s blog posts which contained a link to the commenter’s shoe timeline photo. I thought, gee, that would be fun to do in a few years when I have a more impressive shoe collection, but Johanna (Pointe ‘Til You Drop) suggested I start now so we can see how the collection grows.

So, I figured, why not? Plus, it might be nice to have a visual record of the shoes I have worn since I resumed ballet.

Shoe timeline - May 2011

From left to right: Bloch Pump in pink canvas, size 6.5B; Bloch Proflex in black canvas, size 6.5B; Russian Pointe Rubin size 39, W3, V2, Flexible Medium shank

And for fun, figured I’d take a picture with all my current dance shoes:

All dance shoes - May 2011

Including: the Bloch Boost dance sneaker, the Bloch Klassic dance sneaker, and the Capezio T-strap character shoe.


One thought on “Shoe Timeline – May 2011

  1. Johanna says:

    Great pics, Rori! That´s quite a collection you have there 🙂

    I have the same Bloch Pumps (different size), and really like how they accentuate the arch of the foot. Another fave Bloch is the Proform, because of its wider leather sole patch under the ball. Those Russian pointes look interesting, shame there are not available here.

    Thanks for the mention, and thanks to Candice for posting her pic first. I have since done a similar post on my Finnish blog, and another will follow on Pointe Til You Drop. Here´s a pic of my pointe collection:

    Have a wonderful dance week!

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