Pointe, presents, and performances

Hodge-podge post…

Pointe: I love pointe. Who needs a runner’s high when there is pointe high? Doesn’t hurt that in pointe you really are up high… I’ve got to be standing around 5’10” when I’m up there. But once a week for half an hour really isn’t enough to progress as quickly as I want to. I remember when I used to do entire classes en pointe in college (3 times a week). I want to get the confidence and strength to do that again. And so… I ordered The Perfect Pointe Book from Amazon last week. I like guides like that that are fairly prescriptive. I need deadlines, tests, daily tasks. Otherwise, fugghedaboutit, won’t get done. So, I’m on day 5 of week one. I am spending a bunch of time each day stretching and massaging and exercising those little foot muscles. Can’t tell if it’s doing anything yet, but I figure it can’t hurt. I also have to say… I want to do stuff like that. The dance physiology. Yes. This dancing nurse wants to figure out a way to make a career out of that.


Presents: Interesting seeing the poll results. So far “Something I can wear in class” is leading the votes with “Book about ballet” in a close second. I didn’t end up with any time to rustle up gifts before the Saturday performance when I saw all my students, but I’m thinking of doing a little celebration (& class if I can find some space) for them towards the end of the month and will give stuff out then. Any further thoughts & ideas from my dear readers are welcome! I just want to find some way to reward their commitment. Each of my students has come up to me asking if there’s any way to continue ballet even though the rest of the classes are done until the end of June. I’m still amazed that they enjoyed my class so much seeing as it was my first attempt at teaching. I’ve put some feelers out to see if there’s any space I might be able to use. We shall see… but if nothing else there shall be a celebration because they deserve it.

Performances: Gearing up for the annual recital at the ballet school. I had vowed to never do a recital again, but here I am. Ha. Never say never. The way this school sets up recitals is different from those I’ve been in in the past, though. It’s designed to tell an actual (well-known) story rather than just be a string of dances loosely tied together by some vague theme. I’m eager to see how it all works out. Another plus… the smallest of the ankle-biters are only in the morning show. Phew. I mean, rugrats are cute and all, but too much of a cute thing is cloying… IMHO. So, recital in a month. Then next Friday we have auditions for the summer show of the ballet company. Yay. And. And… a friend of mine is directing a musical for a community theater group and asked me to do choreography. Er. Um. Okay. I can try. He said it’s not a big deal. Just a couple numbers and give him some advice/opinions on whatever else. I’m a little scared, but what the hey, if I’m really terrible I’m sure they can find someone else. The show isn’t until the end of September.

So, there’s my little side hobby in a nutshell. Kind of miraculous that I have time to do anything else! 😉


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