Ballet Gifts for the Adult Beginner

Okay, so if you read my post below you’ll see that I was thinking of giving my students a li’l somethin’ to show my appreciation for their putting up with me for the past few months.

A letter/personal note to each student is a given, but I want to give them some sort of something else.

However, as someone who A) hates being on the receiving end of ballet-themed crap gifts and B) is the aunt/faunt (faunt=faux aunt, i.e. not the aunt, but you’re my friend’s kid so you call me aunt anyway) who has a tendency to go for practical/educational gifts whether you wanted one or not… I’m trying to figure out something that is actually going to be useful/appreciated, not tossed in the pile of useless tchotchkes one has received over the years until such time as one assumes the giver has forgotten they gave it to you and you can toss/donate it without feeling guilty.

So… take my poll! Add your thoughts! And, no, you can’t have a pony.


One thought on “Ballet Gifts for the Adult Beginner

  1. […] Interesting seeing the poll results. So far “Something I can wear in class” is leading the votes with “Book about […]

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